Nearpod: The Best Resource You May Not Be Using

December 13, 2012 is the day that I first registered to use Nearpod.  Five years ago today, the possibilities and ideas that came with this tool poured out of my brain and into many, many future presentations.

 I have touted the capabilities and potential of using Nearpod since day one.  Honestly, I’m sort of shocked that more people in my building don’t use it.  I can count on one hand the regular users, my grade-level English Department buddies being three of those five fingers.

Speaking of, I teach high-school English. There’s always a new novel to introduce, a new grammar concept to learn, a new essay to tweak.  Nearpod is my go-to for all of these.  You want an anticipation guide? Nearpod.  You want formative assessment? Nearpod.  You want short clips or videos to enhance the lesson? Nearpod.  Heck, you want to know every kid’s favorite flavor of ice cream?  Nearpod’s got you covered there, too.  

Nearpod is THE universal tool for educators.  It takes Padlet, Socrative, YouTube, Chrome, Virtual Reality Tours, Twitter, and Google Slides (to name a few), and wraps them all up in one convenient little package for you and your students to enjoy.  Yes, you read that correctly – you can do ALL of that and more with ONE tool!  

No, I’m not employed by Nearpod, nor do I get any compensation from Nearpod to write this; I just L O V E this tool.  Okay, so, yes, I am a “Nearpod Certified Educator” (which is honestly not an easy accomplishment), and I am proud to promote any tool that works in the classroom.  And that’s just it, Nearpod works.  

The first series of posts for this edtech blog is all about Nearpod and its possibilities in your classroom.  I’m not just talking English teachers here; I’m talking about math (YES!), science, social studies…you name it, you got it.  Up first, I’ll share some awesome things you can do with Nearpod slides.

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