The Honest Truth

As the stock text of this blog template indicated (before I deleted it): this is my first blog post.  So, hi!  It’s me, Mrs. Pearsall, or maybe Danna if we’re friends.

After a day of amazing Google training and personal branding on Tuesday, something triggered me.  I thought about some of the things I’m doing in my class using technology and just plain old best practices, and I thought maybe someone else out there could find something in what I do that makes sense to them.  Maybe that someone uses one thing from my microcosm of a classroom, and maybe that one thing makes them a better teacher, student, or human.

I’ve always been hesitant to do something like a blog because I think, Who the heck am I to think my ideas could help others, or that those ideas even matter to anyone out there?  If I’m honest with myself, and you, I don’t have good ideas.  Like ever. Like never, ever, ever. There it is, the truth is out.

Let’s go all the way back to when I was in high school (too long ago to admit here), I told everyone that I’m not a writer, I’m an editor.  I can look at someone’s idea, see the flaws or inefficiencies, and spiff it up.  And that’s essentially what I  do in my classroom every day.  I converse with colleagues, I pin on Pinterest, I buy lessons from Teacher’s Pay Teachers.  What I don’t (usually) do is look at a book, a story, a poem, and think, I have the BEST IDEA about what to do tomorrow in class!  Nope, it’s a blank canvas in my brain, and, even though I’ve looked everywhere, I can’t find the paint.

But here’s the thing – if someone paints a river, I can see mountains, and pines, and blue sky, and eagles, and maybe even a log cabin with a little bit of smoke billowing out of the chimney. So what I do is steal find ideas anywhere I can, then I tweak.

Let’s do this discussion on Padlet instead of in a Socratic Circle, so we can reach the shy kids, the absent kids, and maybe even show the, um, “enthusiastic” kid that all of the kids in class have something important to say, too.  Oh, wait, let’s take that up a notch and use FlipGrid to ask students over in Mrs. Farrow’s room questions and they can ask us, too!

But wait, there’s more!  There is always somewhere to go, always something to learn, and always something to improve.

So that’s what I do.  I see something, and then I see all of the somethings that can come from that first something.  Yes, I steal. Yes, I snoop.  Yes, I lurk on blogs and twitter.  Then, somehow, my brain just explodes.

The purpose here, then, is to share all of that explosive brain matter…or whatever.





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